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End of life vehicle treatment facility
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We get asked a lot what certifies us as an ‘ATF’ or ‘end of life vehicle treatment facility’. So we’ve created this blog to give you a little more information on what exactly that means.


In Northern Ireland, an estimated 50,000 vehicles come to the end of their life every year. End of life vehicles have the potential to release harmful substances into the environment if they are not stored, treated and disposed of properly.


End of life vehicles must only be treated at permitted treatment facilities which meet strict environmental standards. These facilities are known as Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). In Northern Ireland, ATFs are approved and regulated by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

Being an ATF allows us to be able to issue you with a Certificate of Destruction. The CoD ensures that the vehicle is treated and disposed of properly and that it is de-registered with the Northern Ireland Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA).

Our certification gives you piece of mind that you are disposing of your vehicle in a responsible manner and causing as little damage as possible to the local environment.

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