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Spring has almost sprung here in Northern Ireland!
And what better way to get ready for a new season than prepping your vehicle and ensuring it’s up to speed after the wear and tear of the Winter months.


Keep reading to find out more about what essential spring summer maintenance you need to do on your vehicle.

1.Wash Your Vehicle

This one may sound obvious, but ensure your vehicle gets a thorough wash after the Winter months, especially on the underside. Salt left on the roads during the Winter months can slowly corrode the underside of your vehicle and cause real damage.

Don’t forget to follow up with a wax and polish to finish it off.

2.Clean Your Vehicle

Yes, a Spring clean applies to your vehicle too!

Cleaning your vehicle thoroughly allows you to see any scratches or marks on the cars interior or exterior. You can then see if they’re worth fixing (and protecting your cars resale price) or if over time the vehicle is deteriorating and you wish to sell it to us.¬†

3.Make Sure The Air Conditioning Works

We’re certainly not blessed with perpetual sunshine here in Northern Ireland.

However, it’s only when stuck in traffic cruising around the North Coast on one of our hot summer days and our AC won’t work that we realise how much we really need it.

Make sure you check your air conditioning before this and ensure it’s working as repairs on this area can be difficult and sometimes costly.¬†

4.Check Your Car’s Fluids

You likely used up a lot of windscreen washer over the Winter months. Make sure it, along with your oil and other fluids are topped up.

We would recommend going to a professional garage if you’re not sure how to do this yourself.¬†

If after completing this maintenance you’re still unhappy with your vehicle and wish to sell it to a registered end of life vehicle treatment facility then click below.
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From the team at Euro AutoSpares