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Unsure how to care for your vehicle during Winter?


Keep reading to find out Euro AutoSpares car care tips that will make sure you’re not caught on in the cold Winter Northern Irish weather.


1. Make sure your screen wash and water are refilled! 


There’s nothing worse than travelling behind a lorry and the spray hitting your windshield only to find you’re running low on water to wash it off with. It’s also dangerous and can make already treacherous driving conditions even worse.


2.Remember to check your lights.


Dark evenings aren’t the best to drive in, especially if your lights aren’t working correctly. Check them regularly and give them a wipe. If you think your lights are becoming increasingly dim then use a headlight restoration kit like this one from Halfords.


3.Check your battery.


The most common cause of cars not starting in the Winter is a flat battery. Take a look at yours and check there isn’t any cracks or physical damage to it. They generally last five years so if yours is older than that it might be time to think about changing it.


4.Check your tyres are fit for purpose.


Life gets pretty hectic in Winter and in the lead up to Christmas but it’s truly in your best interests to check your tyres often. Winter is tough on tyres and it’s important to check for any damage to ensure you can travel safely.


5.Have a look at your oil.


Take a moment to look at your oil level and ensure you’re not running low. Low engine oil can gradually reduce the lifespan of a vehicle and no-one wants to fork out for a new car just before Christmas!

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From the team at Euro AutoSpares