Many people still don’t realise that scrapping your car can make you money. It’s a great solution if your car has been written off or the repairs outweigh the cost of the vehicle. You could then put the cash towards buying a new car or something else you want. To get the best price for scrap vehicles, you’ll need to use a reputable, licensed company with no hidden costs in their quote. But how much can you get for your car? Here are some of the factors involved which could affect the price offered.


The size and weight of your vehicle is going to be one of the biggest factors in how much you can get for it. Your vehicle is being scrapped, not salvaged and resold, so it’s essentially considered an item of scrap metal. Therefore, the higher the weight, the higher the cost, as there will be more scrap metal which can be used.

Market Fluctuations

Some find that the price offered for their car one day may vary if they collect a quote on a different day. This is because the price given will be based on the daily price of scrap metal; a market which continually fluctuates. However, this is hard to predict and will take up too much time if you start to focus on this factor. It’s more important to find a company who can give you the best price on the day.

Find out How Much Your Scrap Car Is Worth

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