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5 Tips To Take Care Of Your New Car
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So, you’ve decided to sell your old vehicle to Euro AutoSpares to make space for a new one.

However, you’re not sure how best to care for your brand new car.

Keep reading our top tips to make sure your vehicle stands the test of time.

1.Drive With Care

This might seem obvious but driving with care and consideration for your vehicle will take care of it. Avoid accelerating hard within the first 15 minutes of starting your car, this goes for through the cars life too, as it will greatly wear the engine.

Make sure you’re doing your best to avoid potholes (which can be difficult in Northern Ireland!) and drive within the speed limit. It will greatly increase the amount of time your car will last without needing repairs and keep it in great condition.

2. Clean The Outside Of Your Vehicle 

In the Winter season our cars can get very dirty. This can damage the vehicle and eventually lead to corosion.

Ensure you’re regularly washing and waxing your car and clean the underbelly. This will save you headaches in the future!

3. Maintain The Fluids

Checking fluids such as the level of your oil and brake fluid regularly will avoid countless problems.

Letting your fluids get too low can seriously damage your engine and ultimately result in costly repairs. Our team reccomend checking your fluid levels once a month in order to avoid damage to your new car.

4. Check Your Tyre Pressure

Make sure you’re not neglecting your tyres! If your tyres aren’t inflated to the right level it will cause your vehicle to drag which in turn makes it use more fuel. And with the price of fuel in Northern Ireland at the moment we all need to be using as little as possible.

Make sure to replace your worn tyres immediately as it’s both illegal and highly dangerous.

5. Let Your Car Breathe

Changing your air filter is very important as if it’s clogged with dirt your engine won’t perform at the level it’s supposed to. 

Air filters are very cheap so there’s no excuse to leave this tip out!

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From the team at Euro AutoSpares