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There are some insanely cool features which are now common place among many vehicles here in Northern Ireland. There are others that are a little more out there which we would still love to have.


Keep reading to find out which car features the Euro AutoSpares team love.

1.Car Summoning (yes, you’re reading this correctly)

Car summoning already exists within existing Tesla models. This feature allows your vehicle to come to you by the touch of a button. Although the feature is limited to a few feet at the minute car enthusiasts and industry experts expect this could be common place in the future. Something the team here can’t wrap their heads around!

The feature is currently used for getting the car out of tight car park spaces so you can then enter the vehicle easier. However, who knows how it will be used in the future.

2.Controlling your vehicles temperature from your phone

Controlling various features of your car from your phone is already a fairly standard function of the BMW i3, various Tesla models and many other EVs.

For most of us however the thought of waking up on a snowy morning and turning on the heat in our vehicle from the comfort of our bed still feels like a dream. This feature becoming the norm in all cars could be closer than we think. 

3.Orbital Camera View

Beeping sensors and cameras of some sort are now in almost all vehicles in Northern Ireland. However, many of us are still dreaming of a full 360 degrees orbital view to help us avoid bollards and check that we’re not on double yellow lines. 

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From the team at Euro AutoSpares